Hamburg, NY-- Buffalo Raceway and Saratoga Casino Hotel will be implementing stricter whipping guidelines for the 2024 racing season. Both tracks have worked together to expand whipping rules in an effort to better racing for all involved.

In addition to the current New York State Gaming Commission regulations, both tracks have restricted whipping “… to wrist action only, and the whipping arm shall not be raised above the driver’s shoulder”. Additionally, the use of  the whip will be restricted to use “… above and between the shafts only. Whipping below the shaft in the stifle area will be in violation.”

Drivers will be subject to penalties set down by track management.

While this is the first rule of its kind in New York State, a similar rule is currently enforced by the New Jersey Gaming Commission, Indiana Horse Racing Commission, and Ontario Racing Commission.

Buffalo Raceway is on grounds owned by the Erie County Agricultural Society which hosts many animal related events including the Erie County Fair in August. “Our racing operation is in line with the Erie County Agricultural Society’s mission statement that the welfare of all animals on the grounds is a top priority,” said General Manager, Jon Cramer.

“Saratoga Casino Hotel wants to ensure that the well-being of the equine athletes is protected in every way possible,” said John Matarazzo, Director of Racing. “The rule changes reflect this objective.”

Buffalo Raceway and Saratoga Casino Hotel have worked together to expand the whipping rule in efforts to better racing for all involved—both the horses and its’ participants.

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