The Battle Returns in 2024

Feed your competitive edge with the Battle of the Best Handicapping Contests that runs the last Saturday of every month from February to July! We have upped the stakes for 2024 with an increase in the total payouts that exceed $7000 for the season and will award CASH to the top 5 finishers of each contest. The contest will included two thoroughbred tracks to be determined by the Raceway staff. See the complete rules below for more information.

 2024 Battle of the Best Rules


 February 2024 Results

March 2024 Results

April 2024 Results

May 2024 Results


Finale Qualifiers

1st place in February  Salvatore J Bella
2nd place in February Joe Pulvirenti
3rd place in February Joseph Mancini
1st place in March John Knoerl
2nd place in March Chris Yonko
3rd place in March Vince D'Anna
1st place in April Eugene Mlodozeniec
2nd place in April Robert Piotrowski
3rd place in April Billy Graeber
1st place in May Daniel Kind
2nd place in May Donald Wolfe
3rd place in May Jay Epstein

**Play in at least two contests to qualifier for consolation**



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